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Las Vegas Home Failed Escrow Inspection Due To Much Needed Window Repair Window Repairs Completed With No Inspection Issues
Several Cracked Pieces at Front Door Oval WindowCompleted Front Door Window Repair and Photo of Beautiful Entryway  Added Corner Bevels and Gluechip Borders Giving a More Elegant Look.I repaired all the pieces on all three panels changing out the clear border glass with clear gluechip. I removed all the oxidation and repaired all the solder joints painting them to match the brass.
A Before picture of the window panel showing how the softer lead that was used 30 years ago has succumbed to its own weight and gravity has started to find weaknesses in the workmanship. The lower solder joints start to crack due to the weight above and will begin to push the glass pieces out. Within a couple years this beautiful window will collapse under it's own weight. During the Restoration Process parts of the design and some of the glass was changed to give the window panel a more elegant look. The ripple border was changed to a gluechip with bevels added into the corners. The lead lines within the antique background was changed to more of a curved line to play off the bevels.Both Rose Window Panels Had To Have Total  Restoration Work. Soft Lead Was Used Causing Both Panels To Fall Apart Within 10yrs. Entry Front Door - This door was restored after discovering the lead used during original construction was beginning to deteriorate. Las Vegas Residence Needing Front Door Window Repair Including The Tempered Glass Accidental damage on the exterior tempered glass and to several pieces in the leaded panel. Repaired Window Panel A picture shot from inside the home showing newly repaired window panel.The repaired Entry Door with clear tempered protective glass.The Customer Being Stationed Oversees Had Purchased This Beautiful Window Over 50yrs Ago In Europe. Over Time The Window Was Damaged Needing Restoration   Finished restoration for Ms. Carlon and hanging in her home.The solder joints around the entire outside brass came where either broken or cracked along with some of the blue border glass.A close up of just one of the blue broken border glass.A close up of the broken corner joint.Glass Cracked at the Bottom Corner of the Window Panel Due to Improper Window Installation.An entry door panel at the Tupper residence had a large bottom corner piece broken.Window Repaired and Cleaned. Door Edges  Modified to Properly Secure the Window Panel Into the Door After repairs and installation the door greats you with all its elegance.A sculptured piece made in Italy needing several pieces to be re-attached.The metal band holding this piece to its chain had broken.I replaced the metal band and added a stronger chain giving this acrylic piece another chance at hanging in there.A repair was needed on the stem of this glass rose which had been broken in a couple places. I removed the rose and leaves from the broken stem by reheating the areas where they attached. We selected a different shade glass rod to replace the stem and then heated the areas to bend. Once that was done then the rose and leaves where re-attached. The gold highlights around the leaves and on the vase where also re-touched due to some wear.