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  "Etter Residence"-Costa Mesa,CA., 2014

Elegant Bevels and Clear Baroque Glass Highlight this Arched Window Door Panel.

A Fanlight style door with a interior view of the finished window. Bevels combined with Clear Baroque, Double Gluechip and Ripple glass where used.

An outside view with unfinished wood trim that's to be painted later by the owner and to match the new door color. One of the difficulties of installing windows is trying to find pre-bent arched trim. In this case I bent the trim myself soaking it overnight and gently bending it into shape and letting it dry.

An Example of the Glasseye Software Printout Showing the Customer the Finished Window Design.

Design done using the Glasseye 2000 Dragonfly Software. A software program specifically tailored for the stained glass industry.

A Refurbished Window Panel Looking Out Towards Her Backyard Garden.

This window installed in the home was showing signs of age and in need of restoration. After disassembling the window and making a couple design changes, it's now restored and installed in the Etter Residence, Costa Mesa, CA.

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