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A "Pizza Oven Door" 3 layers of glass fused together then placed back in the kiln and draped at an angle at the bottom for stability. The custom handle was shaped from 3/4" chrome plated steel. The curved bends were achieved by heating the steel with a torch and then bending the steel in a vice. The 3" legs were needed to keep hands away from the heat of the glass. The black cast iron version below is the original door but this design made it difficult for the owner to see the pizza's cooking inside the oven.

"Custom Glass Display Case" - Made for Tim Conner in Canyon Lake, CA. Crafted to Display and Protect One of His Scale Model Steamboats.

"Filling in the Blanks" The customer needed these 9 window panels installed which were created by another studio years ago. While remodeling the home this cabinet was built and I had the pleasure of doing the installation.

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