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"Leaded Window Panels"

The Glass Image is an original design using Antique, Streaky and Iridescent glass. Notice how the Rainbow colors appear and reflect off the interior light when the sun goes down.

Clearly Elegant is a design that can definately bring an Elegant look to any room in the home. The combined use of bevels with clear baroque, ripple and gluechip give any window an amazing look.

These Peacocks can be seen differently by both the Formal Living and Dining Rooms of the Marquez Residence in Las Vegas, NV.

A "Bagoda" design crafted in "1986" for a Dr Nguyen's medical office in Garden Grove, CA.

Bonsai Full Moon - this piece greets you as you walk into the home. Marquez Residence, Las Vegas, NV.

Dropping In - A window created 30yrs. ago combining a blend of earth tone Opalescent glass colors to help capture the ride of the day. Framed in Oak.

Diamonds & Boxes - Gluechipped Beveled Diamonds were used in this original design to create the many differant effects and shapes. Did you notice the Boxes stacked on top of each other ? Gluechip border and framed in Oak. Haithcock Residence, Canyon Lake, CA.

Cherokee Chief - Blue and Orange Cathedral Glass with a border of Ripple help give the Indian Chief Cluster his brilliant appearance. Framed in Oak.

Ready to Pick - Green, Brown and Purple Streaky colors with Clear Baroque used in the background. Notice how the lead lines help give the grapevines a more realistic look.

Yin & Yang - A great example of using fused glass as the center piece incorporated into a leaded panel. Bevels and ripple glass where also used to give this design it's unique look.

Cattails Blowing in the Wind - A Suncatcher piece created to be hung anywhere in the house. Framed in Oak.

Purple and Green Streaky glass where used with a Clear Gluechip background helping to bring this little Suncatcher to life.

Peaceful Times - Another combination of Colorful Art Glass and Bevels surrounded by an Oak Frame.

A Fanlight style door window panel built for a customer over 30yrs. ago. in Costa Mesa, CA.

The Cherry Blossom center piece is the focal point of this Victorian style window panel. Clear Crackle, Hammered and English Mottled textured glass where used in the many windows of the Marquez Residence in Las Vegas, NV.

Squirttle - A Pokeman character brought to life through the Art of Stained Glass.

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