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"Queens Ridge" Las Vegas-Sauna Bathroom, 2017

Sauna Abstract Window 

A before photo showing the upstairs bathroom in the remodeling stage. Changing the traditional bathroom into a Sauna/Bathroom.

Another photo showing the mirror reflection.

A front shot photo. If you look carefully you can almost see a Fire Breathing Dragon in the design.

A studio photo showing a preliminary fit of the left and right panels prior to installation.

Commode Bathroom Abstract Window

Before picture of window #2. The little abstract is in the small commode room just off from it's larger partner.

Window #2 in the commode is The Little Abstract. Design is by Leslie Perlis Studio.

Guest Bathroom Beveled Diamond Window

Bathroom window #3 for Dan & Janice needed some additional privacy at the shower/tub window using 4x7 Glue-Chipped diamonds.

A close up view of the window showing the metal trim used around the edges.

Side view showing the beveled edges on the window.

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