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"Restorations & Repairs"

Miletta Residence - Las Vegas Country Club, Las Vegas, NV.

Colonel Parker's Home purchased by Elvis Presley. This window was in pretty bad shape by the time the owners called me. Immediately set up scaffolding to begin disassembling it from the top down. No way it was going to come down in one piece. Signed and dated for it's construction in '1980'. One of the biggest problems with the project was finding the glass colors to replace the 20 or so broken ones. Finally re-installed a couple months later.

"Cleveland Residence - Las Vegas, NV.

Major repair needed due to Severe Wind Damage. The Studio who created this large window years ago failed to install the vital steel brace bars needed to keep it from flexing. With the window bowing back and forth this allowed a large section of the window to separate from the lead channels.The good news is I was able to repair the window in place without taking it down.

*This home failed Escrow Inspection due to the front door window needing repairs!

After window repairs were completed the home didn't have any inspection issues.

Damaged caused by vandals. Home once owned by "Chuck Berry"

"Yoxen Residence"- Boulder City, NV.,

A repair needed to be done for this triple glazed window in Boulder City when a Home Security Technician was installing a front entry camera. He accidentally drilled through the top of the beveled window trying to run his wiring. These types of repairs can get a lot more costly when other layers of glass are involved. Once the leaded panel is repaired all the window layers need to be resealed to prevent future condensation.

"Wing Residence" - Las Vegas, NV.

Several Cracked Pieces at Front Door Oval Window

Completed Front Door Window Repair and Photo of Beautiful Entryway

"Bishop Gorman H.S. Chapel" - The 3rd window panel up fell victim to a drive by shooting which did some minor damage and needing repairs from the bullet hole.

"Captain Ralph's Residence"-Las Vegas,NV.

These China Cabinet panels had a few broken pieces that needed to be replaced. The original panels looked a little plain so I took out the plain glass in the corners and added some 2"x 2" square bevels. I also switched the plain DSB clear border glass to a "Gluechip textured border. I mean if your going to put leaded windows in a China Cabinet - "Do It Right"

I repaired all the pieces on all three panels changing out the clear border glass with clear gluechip. I removed all the oxidation and repaired all the solder joints painting them to match the brass.

Added Corner Bevels and Gluechip Borders Giving a More Elegant Look. Took some Steel Wool to the Brass Came which cleaned it up gaving it a more elegant look.

"Items With Sentimental Value"

A sculptured piece made in Italy needing several pieces to be re-attached.

We selected a different shade glass rod to replace the stem and then heated the areas to bend. Once that was done then the rose and leaves where re-attached. The gold highlights around the leaves and on the vase where also re-touched due to some wear.

The metal band holding this piece to its chain had broken.

A repair was needed on the stem of this glass rose which had been broken in a couple places. I removed the rose and leaves from the broken stem by reheating the areas where they attached.

I replaced the metal band and added a stronger chain giving this acrylic piece another chance at hanging in there.

"A Summerlin Home" - One of the Entry doors to "The Study" had multiple beveled pieces damaged by the General Contractor during the remodeling phase of the home.

An antique window panel the owner Greg Weart and his wife purchased in "Virginia" many years ago and was told the window was crafted in "Ireland" My best guess as to the age would be it's around 80yrs old. The window broke from the tether's holding it in place and crashed to the floor breaking about a dozen pieces. Luckily I was able to substitute almost identical colors to match the broken ones. The frame was in need of some work also. Some minor alterations were completed to keep this window in as much of it;s original state as possible. The repaired window is above the broken one below.

"Wendy Etter Residence"- Costa Mesa, CA. Her little window needed a "Full Restoration"

A Before picture of the window panel showing how the softer lead that was used 30 years ago has succumbed to its own weight and gravity has started to find weaknesses in the workmanship. The lower solder joints start to crack due to the weight above and will begin to push the glass pieces out. Within a couple years this beautiful window will collapse under it's own weight.

During the Restoration Process parts of the design and some of the glass was changed to give the window panel a more elegant look. The ripple border was changed to a gluechip with bevels added into the corners. The lead lines within the antique background was changed to more of a curved line to play off the bevels.

"Haithcock Residence" Willow St., Costa Mesa

Both Rose Window Panels Had To Have Total Restoration Work. Soft Lead Was Used Causing Both Panels To Fall Apart Within 10yrs.

Entry Front Door - This door was restored after discovering the lead used during original construction was beginning to deteriorate.

Las Vegas Residence Needing Front Door Window Repair Including The Tempered Glass

Accidental damage on the exterior tempered glass and to several pieces in the leaded panel.

Repaired Window Panel

A picture shot from inside the home showing newly repaired window panel.

The repaired Entry Door with clear tempered protective glass.

"Carlon Residence"-Las Vegas, NV.

The Customer Being Stationed Oversees Had Purchased This Beautiful Window Over 50yrs Ago In Europe. Over Time The Window Was Damaged Needing Restoration

Finished restoration for Ms. Carlon and hanging in her home.

The solder joints around the entire outside brass came where either broken or cracked along with some of the blue border glass.

A close up of just one of the blue broken border glass.

A close up of the broken corner joint.

"Tupper Residence" Las Vegas,NV.

Glass Cracked at the Bottom Corner of the Window Panel Due to Improper Window Installation.

An entry door panel at the Tupper residence had a large bottom corner piece broken.

Window Repaired and Cleaned. Door Edges Modified to Properly Secure the Window Panel Into the Door

After repairs and installation the door greats you with all its elegance.

"Tiffany Lamp Repair"

The big issue when repairing lamps, windows, etc. is trying to keep the project as original as possible. Matching the Greenish/Blue oxidation that covers the entire surface was a challenge. Using 3 different Patina products finally gave me the results I was looking for. Trying to make the lamp look old when the repair area is new turned out great.

This lamp must of had some structual issues with the copper foil area around the top mounting ring. Customer described the damage as though the lamp shade itself just gave way and fell.

"Other Various Repairs"

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