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"The Story Behind the Repair of "Chuck Berry's Stained Glass Window"

"Chuck Berry's" Las Vegas home was purchased by the "Three Time" World Champion Speedway Motorcycle Racer Gene Wood's. He's also the owner of "Gene Wood's Racing Experience" located in Las Vegas. Now, while Gene was waiting for his Escrow to close, a group of vandals had broken into his home and over the span of a few days had caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

After meeting with Gene and going over the details and giving him a more reasonable repair cost, I then immediately took the window and began the repair work on the damaged areas. Once repaired, I then cleaned it up and delivered the window back to Gene the next day,

This is what frustration can do when another Glass Studio quotes the customer an outrages high estimate to do a simple repair. When Gene called and told me the other studio wanted $4500.00 to do the repairs he was angry and took some frustration out on the door behind him.This window ended up being used to help repair the other one. Maybe a blessing in disguise.

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